2014 Florida Volunteer Updates

As the North Atlantic right whales migrate to the South Georgia/Northern Florida coast each winter volunteers help watch for and capture critical details related to this endangered species. This information helps scientists track the fate of the species and acts as a first alert system to pilots in the shipping lanes to avoid accidental killings. This blog shares the findings, photos and other pertinent information gathered from the Palm Coast Sector Volunteer Team while helping to connect and communicate the many ways we can protect the right whales and sustain our wonderful ocean life.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Kicks Off With Big Blows!

We were blessed with a spectacular show by a number of Right Whales passing through our sector this morning and into the afternoon. Their unique V-shaped blows were prominent as well a lot of breaching. With many rising up and splashing down onto their backs at first I thought they were humpbacks but the team confirmed they were all Right Whales that included many mothers and calves. a An email was sent out to all in Hammock Dunes which brought many out into the chilly winds to view these amazing creatures.  Certainly a day to remember!

I was able to capture some of the fun times the whales were having on video.  I'm still learning how best to post videos on blogger (the quality looks great on my mac but when I upload it seems a bit blurry/fuzzy plus it's really small) so please click here to go to my YELLOWFISH YOU TUBE CHANNEL for best viewing. Watch on!

P.S. As of 3:30pm there are still a few whales right out in front jumping, rolling and having a fabulous time of it! 


  1. Christine, we are BIG FANS of the NARW and delighted to find your blog. Two years ago, my husband was fortunate enough to spot one, report it, and have the complete follow through beginning with a phone call confirming his sighting (the whale was named Arpeggio, and had a calf with her) and wrapping up with a season-ending letter, certificate and photo of Arpeggio. I'm adding your blog to mine as one I follow and look forward to updates through the season!
    Angie at Eat Here Eatery

  2. Hi Angela - sorry I didn't see your comment sooner but always welcome another fan of the NARWs. And what a season we had! Thanks for the kinds words and the link!
    - Yours in the ocean life
    Christine Sullivan