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As the North Atlantic right whales migrate to the South Georgia/Northern Florida coast each winter volunteers help watch for and capture critical details related to this endangered species. This information helps scientists track the fate of the species and acts as a first alert system to pilots in the shipping lanes to avoid accidental killings. This blog shares the findings, photos and other pertinent information gathered from the Palm Coast Sector Volunteer Team while helping to connect and communicate the many ways we can protect the right whales and sustain our wonderful ocean life.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Awe-Inspiring Encounter by Julie Cook

I was driving on A1A with a backseat full of groceries when I got the call from Becky about the whales. I immediately made a u-turn and headed south toward High Bridge where these beauties were sighted and it was worth the trip.

One of the whales seemed like it knew there was an audience and really "hammed" it up for those of us watching in awe. The show stopper splashed its flippers, raising itself high out of the ocean and flapped its tail at us. Everyone on the side of A1A just oohed and aahed. A lady next to me said she felt it was a mystical experience. It truly was. She was full of questions about where the whales came from, how long they would stay and why thy came. In my limited knowledge I tried to answer her questions as best I could. She thanked me and said she felt fortunate to meet me and to see and learn more about the Right Whales.

My groceries were none the worse for the wear and I came away from the experience so enriched and so touched by these gentle creatures and the miraculous way they brought strangers together on the side of a two-lane highway in Florida.

Note: Julie Cook is our first HD sector volunteer to see a whale this season. Watch on!

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